Bluestripe Pipefish

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The Bluestripe Pipefish is the smallest of the reef pipefishes available in the aquarium hobby. It has a long, slender body with a tiny, tubular mouth and a round, flag-like tail. The body is orange with a blue stripe on either side running from snout to tail. The tail is maroon to red with highly variable yellow, orange, and white markings.

Bluestripe pipefish are among the hardiest pipefish, but are difficult to keep due to their small size and unusual requirements. They normally prefer to eat only Cyclops, small Mysis, and Nutramar Ova.

Care Level Expert Only

Temperament Peaceful
Color Form Blue, Orange
Diet Carnivore
Reef Compatible With Caution
Water Conditions 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.020-1.025
Max. Size 3″
Origin Indonesia, Red Sea
Family Syngnathidae
Minimum Tank Size 30 gallons


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