At ReefX, we offer business solutions to help the local or international retailer expand their fish shop by providing amazing condition, disease-free marine life collected from the wild by our professional staff and partners. We only work with the most experienced farms and manufacturers to ensure that our top-notch products are at the highest standards to suit all of your clients’ needs. We provide an exceptional client relation service to ensure that we maintain a long-lasting relationship over the years. Our business relies on the success of your business and our experience and skills are at your service.

We offer an extensive selection of marine fish and fresh water plant species. Offering some common as well as rare fishes that are hard to obtain by other suppliers. An amazing selection originating from the Red Sea, Australia, Hawaii, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and many more. We work in accordance with relevant government regulatory bodies and have over 10+ years of industry experience to facilitate the acquisition process as well as ensure a low ecological footprint to preserve reef barriers for future generations. We also offer an extensive selection of rare and exotic corals and invertebrates ranging from, coral clan, soft, hard, corallimorphs, anemones, crabs, shrimps, snails, sea stars, nudibranchs, brittle stars, sea slugs, sponges, urchings and many more.

We are prepared to ship worldwide. To obtain our latest stock list, please provide your business license and information regarding your company. We will provide you with a list along with a subscription to our regular stocklist announcements. Please email us at

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